User Guidelines

Video Content: DO'S

  • DO your best material in your video(s).
  • DO use the best quality footage of yourself that you can find.
  • DO think of your profile as your online portfolio. Your video is the next best thing to seeing you live.
  • DO share your video with your friends and fans through other social media. If your video gets the most laughs or views in your region, you'll be featured on the front page. That's free promotion!
  • DO swap your video monthly and upload additional videos. If you keep your profile fresh, people will keep coming back.

Video Content: DON'TS

  • DON'T upload videos that contain nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content.
  • DON'T upload hateful, defamatory or discriminatory content.
  • DON'T upload videos that portray extreme violence or unlawful acts (toward people or animals)
  • DON'T upload videos that break any law.


Because My ComedyBook aims to get you booked for shows and corporate events, it's best if you upload a video of yourself performing stand-up comedy. This will give interested people the best idea of what you have to offer on stage. Save that shot of you being kicked in the nuts for America's Funniest Home Videos.

Watch your language

We understand that great humor can be raunchy, outrageous, and down right obscene. We also value your freedom of speech. Still, we require that you refrain from using language that is abusive or violates the privacy of others. Sometimes there's a fine line between hilarious and offensive. If you want to get booked for major corporate events, remember that no one wants a ruthless homophobe at their Christmas function.

Have the rights

Only upload videos of yourself that you own or have permission to use. If other people are in your video, make sure that you have their consent before uploading.

Contacting Comedians

The purpose of the 'Book Me' button is so that professionals can contact comedic talent with job opportunities. This is not a venue for fan mail or hate mail. Many of the comedians have these e-mails sent directly to their agents; so, sending them your notes on their latest bit is a waste of time.

My ComedyBook does not take commissions on any work that a comedian may acquire as a result of our service. We also do not take responsibility for the contracts, deals or correspondence facilitated by our 'Book Me' button.

Get an audience for your event

You only need to post your event once. Settle down, your event will get exposure.

One of the best parts of our event listings is that you can add other comedians to your event. This event will then show up on their My ComedyBook profile page as well as your own. If you have a Headliner package, the event will also be listed on the front page of your region. If you post your event multiple times, it will only annoy potential fans and cause your event to be taken down.

Make sure to only post events that you are involved in and only add comedians to the line-up that have confirmed that they will perform in the show.

If we are made aware that you are posting your event multiple times, or adding comedians that aren't performing at your event, you are breaking our Terms of Service. Your account will be terminated without a refund.


Visitors and users can flag videos that they find offensive. Our staff reviews the flagging. If we find that the video is not in line with these guidelines or our terms of service, we will remove the video.

If you simply don't like a video or comedian that you are watching, keep browsing until you find something you do like! The flagging button is to inform the My ComedyBook staff about videos that don't comply with our guidelines, not to express matters of taste.

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