Raymond Santos

"To all the brave souls who step on stage to tell the truth and make people laugh" - Franklyn Ajaye

Comedian Raymond Santos


Current city:

San Francisco, CA


Torrance, CA


California Oregon Arizona Nevada New York Florida


Filipino-American Comedian Raymond Santos strongly believes that having a clear visual is the key to capturing an audience and that's exactly what he does in his comedy. Raymond will not only tell you his jokes but draw them out for you so you will feel as if you are there with him. Raymond has a very ridiculous view of the world and uses his insecurities and self consciousness to his advantage. Covering racial issues, relationships, things that go by unnoticed in this everyday world and always wishing he could be something he physically can't achieve. Raymond has performed in top Comedy Clubs including The Ice House, Flappers, San Jose Improv, Purple Onion, Tommy T's and also won 3rd place in this years Rooster T. Feathers Bay Area Comedy Competition where 150 comedians competed.


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